Branding & Collateral

Upward & Onward. A mattock is a versatile tool that is actually two tools in one. The two founders of Mattock felt it was the perfect name to represent their new partnership. After years of experience in the high-end agency production industry, they set out to write their own story by combining their talents with a new venture. Done in collaboration with Scott Hill for Studio Mast.







Cutting Through the Clutter.

It was important to Mattock to make sure the brand didn’t overshadow the high caliber work they present. The logotype and logomark both utilize a stenciled approach, leaving only what is necessary to present the mark. The brand behavior throughout all materials utilizes a similar approach rooted in simplicity.




With clients like Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and NBC, Mattock has a wealth of powerful imagery to promote their brand. The brand materials feature snippets of the work front and center to let it speak for itself.

Mattock_03Mattock_16 Mattock_15Mattock_08

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